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Firoz Dudha, also known as DJ Firoz, began DJing in 1988 in the "City of Brotherly Love”, Philly, at the age of 17.  Making an impact in the underground scene, he satisfied demand by playing at house parties and local jams throughout the city.  He moved forward in his career by bringing his unique vibe and distinctive “ear” to more professional events such as private parties, school Proms, and Graduation parties.  Gaining confidence and honing his skills, in 1998 DJ Firoz used his talents to mix music montages and promo ads for the Radio Airwaves.  His adeptness and expertise eventually brought him to the Tampa Bay Area in 1996, being one of the first DJs to serve the Desi community.  Laying the groundwork in Florida, yet pushing the boundaries of music and entertainment, his career in the DJ industry amplified, eventually gaining respect from all corners of the state.  DJ Firoz’s experience and skill has brought him to the top of most recommended DJs in the state of Florida, the surrounding states, and the Caribbean. 

DJ Firoz’s experience and ability has resulted in him working alongside many famous and talented musical artists and Bollywood Stars.  His unparalleled style, fusing corporate commercial dance music with Bollywood popular tunes, has brought him to a level of not only simply playing records, but of taking his audience through a journey within the music. DJ Firoz again raised the stakes and began to produce music in his own studio, creating mind blowing and hugely popular remix albums, producing and recording music for musicians Indian and Non-Indian, developing entertainment packages for corporate and individual clients, and even customizing edits for performers and fashion show expos. His Custom Mixes were used in Indiafest Events, Miss India Pageants, and IIFA Tampa.

DJ Firoz has a natural love for all music and always has his finger on the pulse of the crowd!  He not only understands what the crowds want, but his innovativeness, creativity, and knowledge of music is guaranteed to invigorate any event! 

His goals are to reach into the elite group of DJs, achieve worldwide recognition, and have everybody experience the pulsating sound of DJ Firoz!



Mazhar Motorwala with over 10 years of experience. Inspired by his older brother, Firoz Dudha, young Maz shadowed his brother around on various gigs, quickly picking up smooth DJ techniques and technical knowledge of sound engineering. Quickly began DJ’ing at weddings, house parties, school dances and more. Mixing in the knowledge and experience he gained in his youth with his own unique DJ’ing style, DJ Maz quickly established himself as one of the hottest DJ’s in town. Specializing in Bhangra, Top 40, and Bollywood music, he is now one of the most prominent DJs in Connecticut and has since been building his name from NY to New England, currently relocting to Florida.

Given his lengthy love for music, DJ Maz possesses extensive knowledge in music and his massive collection of Bhangra, Bollywood, and Top 40 tunes from old school to new continues to grow by the day. The fact that DJ Maz has continued to stay among the top of his profession speaks volumes about his skill, hard work, dedication and adaptability. His profound mic presence and ability to gauge the crowd and vary his music selection accordingly make him an effective DJ in any situation.

On a personal level, DJ Maz has all the character traits necessary to work well with clients, and he never hesitates to go the extra mile for them. He is very cooperative when working with them and is always ready to accommodate as required. Music to him is more of a passion than just a job, and in his personal time he focuses on pursuing other musical interests,  He can always be relied on to give it his all and leave his clients with nothing short of satisfaction.


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